Our Products

Our Birth

Brick by brick, inch by inch, we built Shams out of a dream. A dream to become your constant companion, to become your favorite brand. In 1962, we had a single vision; to craft the finest quality product worthy of your companionship and to feel proud for being your companion throughout life.

Our Growth

Over the years, some of the pioneers in the beverage industry in Iran accompanied us on the road towards perfection. We grew in a 25,000 square meters factory in Shahriar, Baghestan. We expanded and took on different flavors. Today, we are one of Castle Noush’s brands, which crafts the finest quality non-alcoholic malt beverage on par with international standards and distributes them all over Iran.

Our Renewal; Shams, refreshed

Braver than before, with a world of experience behind us and a sea of knowledge and expertise within us, we continue our journey towards perfection with love. Every day, we work hard and refresh our perspective to become better. This vision does not only reflect in our malt quality, flavors and packaging but can be seen throughout our production and distribution process. We aspire to create the best quality products and leave a lasting touch of positivity in your moments.

A.R.G.O was established in 1930 as an Iranian beverage company and launched its products in the same year. The name "Argo" is derived from the name of a ship in Greek mythology. This plant closed in 1979. Castle Noush re-launched the brand in 2019 as a non-alcoholic (Halal) craft beer.

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